Sunday, 27 May 2007

audio book (!) - Martian Time-Slip, by Philip K Dick

Since the MF left town, I bought an IPod Nano to use while cycling. Some people go on and on debating whether listening to music while cycling is safe or not, but I've decided that for me it is fine. In fact, having headphones in my ears cuts out some of the wind noise, and I don't have the music very loud - I'm still "situationally aware". Now that I've defended myself for no real reason, let's get to the point. A few weeks ago I came across an audio book, and thought it might be a nice idea to listen to that instead of music for a change.

I've only read one Philip K Dick book before - VALIS. And I couldn't stand it. But Martian Time-Slip was written 17 years earlier and I enjoyed it very much. I'm not going to go into much detail here, you can read the wikipedia article if you're interested (but avoid the spoiler section if you want to).

One section of the story is told out of sequence, and three different times from different points of view. It makes me wonder who (and when) was the first author to use this technique? I wish I knew more. About .. stuff. Haha..


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