Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis

I pretty much stayed home all weekend, unless you count cycling a quick 35km each day (and I don't count that). But this gave me a chance to finish Lucky Jim, which I'd started on Monday straight after finishing The Old Devils the night before.

I've been reading so much lately! As far as Kingsley Amis goes, I've now read Stanley and The Women, The Old Devils and Lucky Jim. And this has been the best yet.

This is a comic novel written in 1954, the year my Dad was born, but it is still relevant and funny in 2007. I identified with Jim Dixon on a number of levels and it left me wishing I had the courage of such deliberate self-sabotage that brings him out of the job he hates. Although the glimpses into the world of academia are specific to this post-war period in Britain, they still ring true based on my brush with professors during my Honours year and subsequent rejection of pursuing a PhD.

I also identified very much with his inability to "escape" the relationship with Margaret, despite obviously not being in love. It rings very true with the 3-year relationship I had, trying to end it many times but never quite reaching escape velocity.

It's a very easy read, much easier than The Old Devils, and it had me laughing out loud on the couch ("a rare thing indeed", he says morosely).

highly recommended,

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