Thursday, 21 June 2007

Meet Stormy (grey is the new brown)

OK so this isn't an actual picture of my new car, but I'm too lazy to take a real one.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Propagandhi: Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch

My father told me, "Son, it's futile to resist
You can topple ideology but not the armies, they enlist."
I questioned the intentions of the boy scouts chanting war
"Well that's the sound of freedom, son" he said, free to say no more

"But wait a minute dad, did you actually say freedom?
Well, if you're dumb enough to vote,
You're fucking dumb enough to believe him.
Cos if this country is so goddamn free,
Then I can burn your fucking flag wherever I damn well please...
And I can stick it up your fucking ass!"

I carried their anthem, convinces it was mine
Rhymeless, unreasoned conjecture kept me in line
Then I stood back and wondered what the fuck had they done to me
Made accomplice to all that I'd promised I would never fucking be -- Never be

You carry their anthem convinces that it's yours
Invitation to honor -- Invitation to war
Bette Midler now assumes sainthood
Romanticize murder for morale
Tie a yellow ribbon round the oak tree my friend
And "Gee Wally, that's swell!"
Fuck the troops to hell!
Fuck the troops to hell!

pump that oil into my mainline, i'm ready to pollute baby~

well i got my licence, and tomorow the new car arrives. i'm excited to join the cult of oil before it all runs dry and we revert back to horse and carriage. or bicycle. or blow each other up. i've held off for so long, and it really hasn't been that hard - cycle or catch public transport to work, don't live too far from civilization, have fresh groceries delivered to make things a little easier.

but, dammit, sign me up, i'm ready to pollute.

the things i have missed the most are day trips out of town, going to certain places that just aren't well serviced by public transport, etc. but they are all luxuries and it does piss me off that everybody thinks it's their RIGHT to drive from a young age, have their own car... and then they complain when traffic is bad because everybody else is doing the same thing, sitting alone in their single occupant vehicle getting angry and impatient. blaming the government, or trucks, or cyclists, or buses, or anything but themselves for not being able to find some alternative.

okay so that's enough with the soapbox. many people have legitimate reasons for needing to drive. it was easy for me because I have no children, work in the CBD which is well serviced by public transport, am fit enough to cycle to work, etc, etc. But I do stand by the notion that people should think of driving as more of a luxury than a right. Perhaps even higher petrol prices will help in that respect.

*shuts up*

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Flashback #1: RRRUBIS!

[Dramatised, both for effect and because the exact details are a drunken blur].

The scene: MF and pinto sitting at the bar - the Exchange hotel, on the tail end of a long weeknight of drinking. MF is in a "couchman" period between jobs and Pinto was happy to join in after work, but tried to run away in sheer drunken terror before they even got to the Exchange. But he was dragged in for "just one more"...
Pinto: [pointing curiously] What's in that red bottle? It says Rubis! I bet it would be nice with lemonade.
MF: OK let's have Rubis.
Pinto: [to bartender, a young guy] Two Rubis with lemonade please.
Bartender: Two what?? [Pinto points]. Oh! Why would you wanna drink that shit? It's got hardly any alcohol in it and it's for chicks.
MF and Pinto, in unison: TWO RUBIS PLEASE!

The drinks are poured and served.

Pinto: Smells like strawberries!
MF: TASTES like strawberries!
Pinto: This is an oarsome [sic] drink. Very girly, but oarsome.

A few Rubii later, MF and Pinto are sitting there, randomly saying "RRRUBIS!" to the bartender and other punters at the bar. Swaying on their stools. A male customer approaches the bar, next to Pinto.

Pinto: You should order a Rubis.
Customer: A what? That stuff?
Pinto: Yeah.. here, have a try. It's Rubis!
Customer: That's a gay drink.
Customer: [to bartender] Two vodka and limes please.

MF and Pinto note the hypocrisy and begin a fit of uncontrollable laughter. They stumble out of the bar and make their way to various transport options. It's not really that late (the drinking started at 4.30pm). They scream out "RRRUBISSSS!" to random people they pass on the street. They find it so very funny, but nobody seems to share the joke.