Tuesday, 19 June 2007

pump that oil into my mainline, i'm ready to pollute baby~

well i got my licence, and tomorow the new car arrives. i'm excited to join the cult of oil before it all runs dry and we revert back to horse and carriage. or bicycle. or blow each other up. i've held off for so long, and it really hasn't been that hard - cycle or catch public transport to work, don't live too far from civilization, have fresh groceries delivered to make things a little easier.

but, dammit, sign me up, i'm ready to pollute.

the things i have missed the most are day trips out of town, going to certain places that just aren't well serviced by public transport, etc. but they are all luxuries and it does piss me off that everybody thinks it's their RIGHT to drive from a young age, have their own car... and then they complain when traffic is bad because everybody else is doing the same thing, sitting alone in their single occupant vehicle getting angry and impatient. blaming the government, or trucks, or cyclists, or buses, or anything but themselves for not being able to find some alternative.

okay so that's enough with the soapbox. many people have legitimate reasons for needing to drive. it was easy for me because I have no children, work in the CBD which is well serviced by public transport, am fit enough to cycle to work, etc, etc. But I do stand by the notion that people should think of driving as more of a luxury than a right. Perhaps even higher petrol prices will help in that respect.

*shuts up*

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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cal_t said...

now now, remember im a greens supporter ;p