Monday, 27 August 2007

black snake moan

yesterday i went to see black snake moan, and in the very best of company! it's so nice when somebody suggests something out of the blue, something you had wanted to do yourself but had nobody to do it with. so so nice. so very very nice! thankfully we made it this week, since it's only showing one session a day, and only at Dendy Portside Wharf.

it was hard to have proper expectations of this movie - i hadn't read any detailed reviews or a plot synopsis like the IMDB or Wikipedia ones, because they spoil things too much; and any short reviews i had seen were basically just "Samuel L Jackson is a god-fearing ex-blues player who's been cheated on by his wife, and cross paths with Rae, half-naked and beaten". it was probably good to go along without expectations, because i was actually blown away by how good this movie was.

first things first - any movie where Samuel L Jackson gets to say motherfucker a few times is gonna be good. woops, that might include Snakes On A Plane. but i never saw that. but more seriously, i'm a big fan of his and this is one of his best performances yet. watching him sing the blues with electric guitar in a thunderstorm - it just cuts straight to yr soul. Lazarus, his character, is strangely conflicted between his god-fearing principles and family values, spurning the use of "cuss" words in his house - and the guy who used to sing blues songs in bars. he's lost that part of his life, and in fact his wife complains at the start of the movie about "needing to live", something which she can't do in his house.

i hope it's not too revealing if i say i actually identify with the character Rae to some extent (hey i like it a bit rough sometimes!). she's the town slut, i suppose you could say, but in love with Ronnie (Justin Timberlake). Ronnie has left her for the army, but suffers from anxiety attacks that only Rae can help him with. i've decided that no matter how old JT gets, his voice will always sound like a 12yo boy, but that suits the character in this case - except when he's trying to be tough and wield a gun. that was a bit ridiculous, but it is subsequently ridiculed by Lazarus, so that's all good ;)

without giving too much away, Rae gets beaten up and is found by Lazarus, who takes her in and looks after her for a few days through her drug-induced stupor and her bizarre fits of sexual abandon. he then takes it upon himself to try and "save" her, chaining her up to the house. it all sounds very kinky, but is really played out quite well. it's at this point that you struggle to understand Lazarus and his motives, and a character that you wanted to like becomes a bit less likeable. but i always enjoy this kind of realism in a movie, and understanding these characters and their motives is what underpins the whole journey.

a special mention from this shameful Law and Order fan for the appearance by S. Epatha Merkerson. this film has a stunning cast, an interesting story and complex characters. i wasn't bored for one second.

all i can say is thankusomuchsoveryverymuch to the one who accompanied me.

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