Friday, 17 August 2007

City of Violence @ BIFF

Well here I am on a lonesome Friday night listening to YOU-KNOW-THE-FUCK-WHO and realising that I never wrote about my second (and final) BIFF session for 2007. That's quite pitiful really, but 2 is better than none. My bestest buddy and her fiance were supposed to be joining me, but that didn't eventuate and I got a terrible seat, so things weren't off to the best start. On top of that, although I was expecting a bit of fun korean martial arts action, I was very tired, out past my pathetically early bedtime and didn't really want to be there.

But it was a bit of fun korean martial arts action.

If you want a real review I'm sure you can find one Out There in the luminous aether, I don't even pretend to be good at such things, and it's not like I'm an expert in the genre.

What else has happened this week? Work work work, sister's wedding, boss trying to sneak in a new collective agreement with all kinds of changes that smell of take-take-take without any give .. the usual stuff I suppose.

...and we rode towards the dawn; with our black hoods down and our headphones on...

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