Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Ode to the 470 - for bindleys

I fucken love the 470. I fucken miss catching the 470. I fucken love the 470. No other bus route could turn a 7km journey into a 40 minute adventure. Back in the day, on the days when I didn't cycle for one reason or another, this bus would always do the job. I always scored a seat - it's not the most popular route going, although it still does fill up as it winds its way as slowly as possible towards the city. The 470 used to take me doorstep to doorstep. I fucken love the 470. You know, only on the 470 could I start listening to the Ape Got Fire mini-LP by Front End Loader and actually get to finish it just as I reached my destination. I fucken love the 470. Every time I listen to that album now, I think fondly of the 470.

Bindleys. Embrace it. I fucken love the 470 and so should you.

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