Monday, 18 February 2008

PJ Harvey at QPAC Concert Hall

Well last night I was lucky enough to go with Bindleys to see PJ Harvey play an intimate solo show at QPAC Concert Hall. The support act was a slightly grumpy (I can sympathise), but amusing and very talented Mick Harvey singing and on acoustic guitar, accompanied by an awesome double bass.

PJ Harvey certainly didn't fail to impress. This concert came at a hefty price tag and with much hype, but didn't fail to deliver. The set list was as follows:

To Bring You My Love
Send His Love To Me
When Under Ether
The Devil
White Chalk
Man Size
Angelene (with Mick Harvey)
My Beautiful Leah
Nina in Ecstasy
Electric Light
Big Exit
Down By The Water
Grow Grow Grow

Rid of Me (audience request)

The Mountain

Encore with Mick Harvey on Piano

Horses in My Dreams
The Garden
C'Mon Billy
The Piano
The Desperate Kingdom of Love

This was quite a collection of the old and new. Obviously the quieter new album is more suited to this style of intimate solo gig, so I was expecting a very low key, quiet and haunting performance. However, PJ rocked out on many occasions and played many old favourites in the embryonic "raw" mode in which she first composed them (backed by drum machines and her on guitar). She also constantly changed between various guitars, piano, mandolin and harmonica, finishing most songs with a gracious "thank you", but also with occasional banter with the crowd.

She proves in this solo mode just how powerful and amazing an instrument her voice is. This can get lost when she plays with her band, but was there for all of us to marvel at in this performance.

good stuff,

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