Monday, 24 March 2008

Living Alone

A very short passage from my current read, London Fields, by Martin Amis:

"Living alone, you know," she said today, "it's all right -- it's good.". Queenly Incarnacion lives alone. Her husband is dead. Her two children are grown up. They live in Canada. She came here. They went there. "You have advantages. When you living alone, you do things when you want. Not when they want. When you want."
"True, Incarnacion."
"You want a bath. You have a bath. You want to eat. You eat. You don't need them to say so. It suit you. You sleepy, you want to go to bed. You go to bed. Don't ask. You want watch the TV. Okay! You watch the TV. Up to you. You want a cup of coffee. -- Coffee. You want clean the kitchen. You clean the kitchen. You want maybe listen to the radio. You listen the radio."
Yes, and the same goes for any solitary activity you care to name. But after twenty minutes on the upside of living alone, we get twenty minutes on the downside of living alone, like there never being anyone else around and things like that.

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