Saturday, 12 April 2008

Bar Alto and Ajisen Ramen in Brisbane

Last night I had a celebration with my friend at Bar Alto at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Italian wine, quail entree, duck breast and a cheese platter! Yum yum yum. My friend had scallops and veal sweetbreads for entree, followed by Kingfish, which was probably the best choice of the night.

Then today I finally got to have lunch at Ajisen Ramen, which I've wanted to try all week. The location on George Street is not the best, so I think not many people in Brisbane have discovered it yet. Today was pretty quiet, although I imagine a weekday lunchtime might be a different story.

I had Takoyaki, one of my favourite things, as an entree. I've had better, but it's always nice to find another place in Brisbane for these tasty octopus balls. Then for my main I had the tender pork ribs ramen, which was lovely.

I'm feeling very full and fat now, and heading to the Front End Loader concert tonight.


PS: I didn't take any photos, so let me steal somebody else's....


Anonymous said...

hiya, nice blog! am desperately trying to find the ajisen ramen house in brisbane. what's the address??

shana said...

Hi Shana,

I had the same problem, there's not much info out there on the net. I think it's pretty new store?

Anyway, it's 2/414 George Street. It's just one block past the Dendy, towards Roma St Transit Centre. It was very easy to find.


Anonymous said...

i cheated on you last nite, D. Went there with our vegetarian mates. we can get shozu there for $50 a bottle! w00t! -m.

estellar said...

hey! i just tried ajisen too! and it was good.

Nin Harris said...

Awesome, I've been trying to figure out how to get Takoyaki in Brisbane. Google pointed me to this blog. What are the other places you mentioned? said...

Hi Nin,

There's quite a few other places you can get Takoyaki in Brisbane. JJ's Cafe (Korean) on Edward St does it, and also a HK cafe style place at Market Square in Sunnybank. I'm sure there's lots of others too - in fact I walked past a sushi place on the cnr of Berry St and Leichardt St Spring Hill yesterday, and saw a picture of Takoyaki on their menu. They were shut though, and I have no idea how nice that place is.

Also, the Hanaichi food courts used to do it (it's not listed on the menu, you have to ask), but I'm not sure sure anymore, I haven't tried asking for it there a few years.

good luck!

Nin Harris said...

Most awesome. Thanks for the info, monuments - I was just whining a couple of days ago about missing takoyaki!