Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bookeen Cybook and House of Meetings - Martin Amis

I'm reading the very first eBook on my new Booken Cybook reader. It's awesome! There's lots of reviews of the device out there on the net if you're interested, and I bought mine via the Naeb buyer's club, which allowed me to access the much cheaper USD price (as opposed to Euro).

The reason I'm posting is to share this passage:

Oral "relief," lasting half a minute, was the sex act of choice and necessity. And I offer this final observation (very vulgar, but not entirely gratuitous) in a pedagogic spirit, because it shows that even in their most intimate dealings the women, too, were worked on by socioeconomic reality. In the postwar years, there were no non-swallowers in the Soviet Union. None.


cal_t said...

u need to get out more and let the back of ur ankles seee some sunlight u nerd ;p

(hugs) runs away said...

oi, you little twerp! my ankles see plenty of sunlight while i'm out cycling. or at least they would if i stopped wearing socks!!

*runs after you*
(and with my endurance, you can be sure you'll get caught.. eventually)