Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Front End Loader - Laughing With Knives

To me, Front End Loader were one of the best Australian bands in the 90s. This was a glory period in Australia rock- Front End Loader, Tumbleweed, early Regurgitator, early Spiderbait, Mark of Cain, and so many more. I will always always remember seeing FEL live at Livid in 1995, the first time I ever came across them. This was around the time that Let's Ride! was released, with the classic track Travelscrabbledeath which was included on JJJ's "Eleven" compilation (along with the Dreamkillers' classic Sarah (STD STD STD!)).


I sorta lost track of them after about 1997 when Last of the V8 Interceptors was released, until a couple of years ago when my friend's partner lent me the Ape Got Fire mini-album. Man, that album kept me company on the bus to work for a full 3 month period, it was the perfect length and I fucking loved it (and yes Bindleys, it was the 470 bus - I fucking love the 470!).

Yesterday I picked up Laughing With Knives, the 2xCD release with a live album recorded at the Annandale Hotel and a disc of B-Sides and rarities. Awesome! It's making me really want to go to see them at the Step Inn on Saturday night, it might be the last chance to see them live. But, I'm not sure I will.

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