Sunday, 18 May 2008

no country for old men: the novel.

Earlier this year I saw No Country For Old Men at the cinema, and like most people I thought it was a great piece of cinema. Having read Cormac McCarthy's The Road, I decided it would be worthwhile to read No Country For Old Men. It wasn't, really.

It's generally a given that if you've read a book, any film adaptation will be disappointing. The only immediate example I have where this isn't true would be Lord of the Rings, which was finally done in the grand scale that did justice to the books, particularly if you watch the extended editions. However it's more of an unknown quantity when you watch the film adaptation first and then proceed to the written word.

At the very least, you would generally expect a deeper insight into the characters and their motivations. No Country For Old Men does have this to some extent, with Bell's lengthier narrations. But that doesn't amount to much, and is actually dealt with quite well in the Coen brothers' film. As for more plot? Well no, this is a film that was really very true to the original story.

I am glad to have read the book, but I think this is a rare case where the film adaptation has surpassed the reading experience.

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