Thursday, 1 May 2008

Quotes from Murphy's Law

I've always been a big fan of British TV - Doctor Who since back in the Tom Baker era, The Bill, As Time Goes By, Spooks, Black Books, Torchwood, Blackpool, Little Britain, the BBC production of Dickens' Bleak House (which I had also read previously) - and I'm sure there's more.

Last year I was addicted to this undercover cop show called Murphy's Law which was running on the ABC, and I now have the first 3 series on DVD. I guess it's the usual gritty sort of cop show - quite stark, shocking at times, and with lots of black humour. I've always been a sucker for this kind of stuff. I also really dig the soundtrack. Here are three of the quotes that I've gathered:

"Your money or your life!"
"I have no money; and I have no life"

"You're cynical"
"Alive and cynical as opposed to dead and gullible?"

"A bird in the hand, Murphy--"
"Leaves shite in your palm!"

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