Saturday, 25 October 2008

Everyday drinking, by Kingsley Amis

It was alot of fun reading these collected articles by Kingsley Amis on the subject of drinking. Here's two short passages that I enjoyed:

A team of american investigators concluded recently that, without the underpinning provided by alcohol and the relaxation it affords, Western society would have collapsed irretrievably at about the time of the First World War. Not only is drink here to stay; the moral seems to be that when it goes, we go too.

The strains and stressed of urban living, to coin a phrase, are usually held accountable for these increases. I should not dissent from this exactly, but I should single out one stress (or strain) as distinctly more burdensome, and also more widespread than most: sudden confrontation with complete or comparative strangers in circumstances requiring a show of relaxation and amiability - an experience that I, for one, never look forward to without misgiving, even though I nearly always turn out to enjoy it in the event.

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