Friday, 30 January 2009

textual montage on a road trip to Adelaide

huge motherfucking donut; mating trucks; truck-on-truck acti0n; hole in the ground; the cottonball clouds [lee ranaldo]; twenty seconds of blessed rain; silos; Moree; Walgetti Spaghetti; Rubis titties; deep-throating beer; Betel nut;
endless road; taking things too far; ghost town; ghost bitch [sonic youth]; martian landscape; obese mating trucks; worst sausage roll ever; suburbia; dry heat; cyclistas; thanks for the Coopers, Miss Ball; blowing hot air;
solitude; mistake with a corker; cantonese dinner; in Bizarro World, the sun sets into the ocean; covered in fishy water; two beaches in one night; we saw a shooting star; chai latte; already sick of the sun; Norwood to Mawson Lakes; Delfin, baby; it's all about the lake; killer plants; another beach; garlic prawns on rice; Bizarro sunset; cold and windy; watching tennis; sweet farewell;
cycling adventure; huge fucking climb; wheel-sucking the kiddies; a stirling effort, getting lost; accidental vineyard detour; Hahndorf; sausages; beer; Kransky; chilli dog; real coke; cyclistas; a stirling detour; a lofty goal on a Lofty mountain; gorgeous descent; takoyaki; tendrous ribs ramen; best iced tea; river; harcore swan action; university; gardens; killer sausage; bum-burner; sasquatch; beer meet shirt; dessert wine; Sichuan accompaniment; damn sausage; multi-core platinum; sweet farewell;
damn sausage; grey; cheese; the graaaaaapes; tired; damn sausage; early night;
early morning; awesome gorge; sore feet; love that climb; sweetness overload; that last 20km; pizza pizza; beer beer beer; slept through it;
KoM; walk; U-turn; wasabi peas without beer; gutter-trash; lancey the nancy; roll me down; beer beer beer beer; dead kennedies; do it anyway; hasty retreat; sweet sleep;
check-out; aussie names; Motel Adjacent Casino; brilliant; letter to Mike Rann; slow coffee bitch; shady park; elcaro; intense sun; 0.05 - don't drink drive; over it; motherfucker in tree; kransky dog w00t; listen to Mike Rann; fucking love that song; wheels in motion; no CDs; wasabi peas with beer;
james bond; silos, daniel!; strike a pose; bunk bed; three [australian] states of insanity; woombaloomba; dentistry; western freeway; taringa; fare thee well.

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