Sunday, 22 March 2009

Another year, 23 seconds slower

Today was the 2nd Mt Coot-tha Cycle Challenge, once again featuring a timed ascent of the mountain. The times have already been released, and I was 23 seconds slower than last year. I expected this, being in worse shape, having hardly done any decent rides or climbing since the Mutual Community Challenge Tour 155km in Adelaide. Despite the slip in time, I'm still reasonably happy to have made it up in around 10 and a half minutes. During my own training it takes anywhere from 12 to 13. Last year I remember my heart rate reaching 104% of its supposed "maximum" and staying like that for most of the climb. Today it was more like 96%, meaning I was not able to push myself quite so much. I was also extremely distracted by a fast but rather old guy who was wheezing the whole time like an old dog being taken out for a run. But I still overtook heaps of people and had a fun climb.

The rest of the 70km ride was pretty uneventful, but it was a nice day for it and I finished in around 2.5 hours. Then I cycled home and spent the rest of the day being pretty damn lazy :)

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Anonymous said...

You did well, keep up the good work!