Tuesday, 14 April 2009

for a short while

for a short while, the rain just kept on coming. i was looking elsewhere: different weather, different city - but still, the rain just kept on coming. i've had no hot water for a week now, but the skies open up at will. a warning came to me last week, out of the blue. bad way for an atheist to begin his easter, and a tense few days. but some supportive friends and a good few days of cycling brought it all to conclusion today. and i think the rain my have moved out to sea. for a short awhile.

on saturday we fly to hong kong. honkers. or "honkers, w00t", as i can't seem to stop saying.

honkers, w00t!

a week of unpaid leave in a new place might clear things up. but that has a familiar ring to it. road trip, anyone? coming back is never easy. maybe i shouldn't be coming back, maybe i should be heading on to something new.

i've been forced to re-evaluate, and i've given some things up. maybe i'll stop thinking, but only for a short while. after that i need to regain ambition. energy. confidence.

thank you,


Hui said...

i'll be ur rock all the time mate:-)
(in memory of leaving my first comment here on TMWB)

the.monuments.we.build said...

wow, u are a "long-time-reader, first-time-poster". thanks for yr comment..it means alot.