Sunday, 24 May 2009

apocalyptic helicopter, arctic rain

cycling over the top of mt coot-tha: returning to life, recovering from the pain, exorcising the poisonous fire from my veins. i glimpse out across West Brisbane and see the Enoggera Reservoir, strangely full of water after the breaking of our long drought. it's getting very grey, and i realise this ride has been a mistake.

minutes ago i had begun climbing the mountain in humid sunshine and even cursed the unexpected warm weather. now i can feel the clouds sweeping in, only 300m above sea level and the city below. not much of a mountain.

and then: apocalyptic dread. a thunderous roar that i can't pin down. i'm looking around uncertainly, thinking that heavy rain is about to reach me, and i'm hearing it come drumming down nearby. but that can't be it, it's too loud, too wrong. i'm powering up a small hill by the Channel 9 TV studios and it becomes clear, the helicopter is readying to take off. i've been unnerved by an apocalyptic helicopter yet again.

meanwhile, as a i undulate my way over the mountain's top, the rain comes in, such a contrast to the sunny weather just minutes before. i begin the descent in the rain and begin to wonder how bits of rubber against shiny metal rims can be called brakes at all? my hands begin to freeze and cramp from holding down the brake levers, and it feels like winter again.

just five minutes later, i'm back at sea level, the sun returns, i dry out, and it's all in the past.

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