Sunday, 10 May 2009

i been back.

yeah, been back awhile now. from honkers. w00t. a week of treating ourselves, lots of fun, not a worry. then straight back to it, put that damn project to bed and now some expert thumb-twiddling time in the office.

then the very next weekend i went to sydney. am i trying to keep "bris-time" to a minimum or something? i don't know.

now they're suggesting that things are quiet and we may want to consider taking leave, or unpaid leave, or 4-day weeks, or whatever. but i just did that already. and i need to be busy now, not bored, not at a loose end.

Cold Afternoon, by Minimum Chips

cold afternoon. who's to say it won't.
stay inside and listen.
walk around the garden, once or twice.
you like the rain. and you like it when.
clouds are dark and cold and grey.
stay inside and listen.
walk around the garden.
stay inside and listen, if you like.
stay inside and listen.

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