Wednesday, 29 July 2009

sir, we must respectfully ask you to leave

i'm leaving town. very soon. i've decided to make my employer redundant and choof off for a new job down south. so anyway, here's a list of things that i will always remember and miss about my time here:
  • the lush green of my suburb.
  • being able to cycle to work in 15-20 minutes with minimal traffic hassles - something I've been doing for 7 years.
  • cycling Mt Coot-tha and Mt Nebo/Glorious, cycling with MF.
  • lunches with M!
  • driving L home, him sitting next to me in Stormy, Deloris' Ten Lives playing on the stereo. and the drive back, alone, just me and Deloris.
  • catching up with CTMFW and the SandWoman.
  • spring and summer humidity.
  • my pokey little unit.
  • the fucken 470.
  • and of course, a great deal of Certain Special People.
and as a counter-point, things i won't miss:
  • people asking me why i don't leave town.
  • evil memories and marks on my wall from a few years back.
  • too many memories - everywhere you go, there's an overwhelming layered tapestry of previous memories from that place.
  • and of course, Certain Spectacularly Unspecial People.

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